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The story of Kong begins with a German Shepherd named Fritz, his owner and a Volswagon van... Fritz, a former police dog, enjoyed chewing rocks. This activity wore Fritz's teeth down and frustrated his owner, Joe Markham.

One afternoon while working on his Volkswagen van, Joe noticed Fritz dining on rocks again. Out of desperation, he began disassembling the van he was working on and threw parts near Fritz to see if he could be coaxed away from his destructive dinner. Radiator hoses didn't work - neither did anything else until he pulled off a suspension part and gave it to Fritz. Right away, Fritz was ecstatic. The KONG was born!

While Fritz invented KONG, it was Markam who realized the potential of this odd looking toy. Markham refined the toy's design, developed a super-strong rubber formula and began production in 1976. Today, Markham continues to sell this toy as well as other great products all over the world.
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